Be A Color Expert In 3 Minutes In Fairfax County, VA

Before colors were used for modern interior design, the ancient Egyptians were reported to have used color for therapy. Crystals were placed in temples to allow the sunlight to reflect and produce colors. Because the early Egyptians worshipped the sun, they believed that the colors it produced were some kind of a miracle that brings healing to the living, and without the existence of the sun, humans would also cease to exist. Since the beginning of time, color has already been important to humans.

With the infinite number of colors in the world (a study by Chester F. Carlson, Center For Imaging Science At Rochester Institute Of Technology), it’s quite challenging to pick just one main color for you home. Yes, blue might be your favorite color. However, with almost seventy shades of blue (e.g. midnight blue, navy blue, turquoise, etc.), it becomes more complicated to just choose one, not to mention the other colors you need to blend with your chosen color theme. If you’re picky, chances are you might not be pleased with the color combination.

As you can see, color has a great influence in interior design. If you’re having dilemma with selecting the right color scheme for your additions remodeling project right now, read these helpful tips to help you better understand the art of colors in interior design.

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Visit Design-Build Showrooms

Interior design is like buying your first car. You just don’t buy it immediately without a test drive and a great look at the variety of models in the shop. The same thing goes with interior design. As you walk into a kitchen, bathroom, or living room showroom, you will get a vivid picture of the real deal. Design-build experts will be glad to show you around and assist you – don’t be afraid to ask!

Learn Basic Color Terms

Although not a necessity, having adequate knowledge about basic color terminologies will help you better understand how colors work together. That said, you will not have a hard time communicating with your designer. These basic color terms include: saturation, hue, value of a hue, intensity, color scheme, palette, and so on.

Play With Patterns

Most designers suggest that patterns be selected before the color. Once you have found the right pattern (wallpaper, wall paint, furniture, etc), you can experiment with the different colors where the pattern would appear flattering. The number three balances things, including interior design. Choose three simple patterns to mix and you’ll come up with the perfect pattern. Be sure to vary the scale from small to large to add balance.

Consult An Expert

Home remodeling is an exciting venture (well not so much for additions remodeling though). That said, it’s easy to fall into the trap of saying ‘yes’ to all ideas that come to mind. However, we truly can’t have it all – that’s life. With the help of an expert interior designer, you can turn your needs and dreams into a solid plan of action. This will make the remodeling process much more convenient, thus leading to pleasant results.

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