The Best Way to Improve Your Home in McLean, VA

McLean is a lovely and high-end community in Northern Virginia. It is close to Washington, D.C. and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency), so there are a lot of relevant and high-ranking individuals living in the area. Living here may prove to be a bit costly, but if it is perfectly within your financial capabilities, then you are in the right place. Shopping is glamorous in McLean. High-end products and designer items are sold in shopping centers, and has the wealthiest ZIP code in the Washington Metropolitan Area – 22102. To be part of such a community requires a lot of upkeep. From time to time, seek improvements in your life and surroundings. Increase your property’s value by improving your home. Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes is an upscale home building company well-versed in remodeling and interior designing. Their services are available throughout Northern Virginia, so calling them up for a no obligation consultation is seriously easy.

Modernity and Elegance

Don’t cheap yourself out. If you want to live like royalty, build yourself a palace. That doesn’t mean you should go with bricks and moats. Go with something that’s a little more than the basics. Double doors are great accents to any home, as well as chandeliers. Additions remodeling from Michael Nash will help you expand that constricted living room space into something far interesting. Another way to add space is to break down certain walls and divisions, creating a single connecting layout.

Kitchen – Bathroom – Basement – Home Additions Remodeling in Mclean VA

Modern & Elegant McLean Home

One of their designs featured by Houzz showed how the team modernized a maze-like flooring. The home’s interior was obviously outdated and some of the details are no longer in style. Michael Nash Design, Build & Homes changed the home’s color scheme and switched its doors with glass to invite more light into the room. They placed a while large marble for the floor and situated an elegant crystal chandelier right at the heart of the living room space. The ebony on the front steps stood out amongst the marble and the rails on the grand staircase where replaced with wrought iron balusters to give it a more sophisticated look. If you are willing to make the most out of your home, you can start with a complete bathroom remodeling to revamp and reorganize your bath. Or if you are in need of an extra guest room, home additions is the perfect solution.

Quality and Safety

Dark kitchens are not so pleasant to deal with. For someone who loves to move about when cooking, a barely lit room just won’t do. Also, adding artificial lighting might not be the best solution out there. To achieve a better one, consult the experts for some kitchen remodeling. Michael Nash’s team, for example, knows how to handle limited spaces so well. Rest assured that with their knowledge and experience in this field, you will soon be having the kitchen of your dreams.

Dream Home Remodeling Solutions for Every Room for Family in McLean VA

White paint, and bright colors in general, can bring life and add more light into your kitchen. While darker color schemes bring warmth, lighter color schemes does the exact opposite. The latter are also easier to deal with when it comes to redecorating. But all these are for the remodeler to decide. Afterall, they know what’s best for you. They will also depend on your home’s current look to avoid ruining its original design. You might want to communicate with them openly if you have concerns regarding safety. There are designs that are not that safe for little kids. Some flooring may be a little too slippery. And some furniture may contain sharp edges that can be dangerous to children. This doesn’t apply to kitchens alone. If in case you are thinking about transformation your basement through complete basement remodeling, always make it a point to discuss things with the remodeling team. Even if they are careful and highly-skilled in their craft, they would appreciate honest input and feedback from their clients before and after the project.

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